Midori Tsunoi

Born in Yokohama. Learned oil painting and etching at an art school in Tokyo, where I also joined Wandervogel club. This experience with nature became an inspiration which influenced all of my later works.

After graduation, I was apprenticed to a hand-weaving studio in Japan, where I learned hand spinning and weaving of wool.

In 1990, I entered weaving school Wetterhoff  in Finland. Later, I worked as a textile designer in a weaving studio of Wetterhoff.

From 1994 to 2001, I worked as a northern light tour guide in Lapland. I trekked in summer, skied in winter and immersed myself in nature.

2001, I entered University of Art and Design Helsinki (presently Aalto University), learning textile, creation and marketing of pattern.

I am working as a freelance designer since 2008, when I was Graduated.

横浜生まれ。東京の美術大学にて油絵、版画などを学ぶ傍ら、ワンダーフォーゲル部に所属。 このときの自然体験が創作の原点になり、その後のすべての価値観に影響する。



1994-2001年の間、フィンランドのラップランドにてオーロラガイドとして暮らす。 夏にはトレッキング、冬はスキーと完璧な自然の中にどっぷりとつかって過ごした。

2001年 ヘルシンキ芸術デザイン大学(現アアルト大学)に入学し、新たにテキスタイル、図案の制作・販売を学ぶ。

University of Art and Design Helsinki (presently Aalto University)

2008年 大学院卒業。以来フリーランスデザイナーとしてフィンランド、日本の企業にデザインを提供。